Chemistry and Physics Faculty Articles



Submissions from 2019


A Practical, Quantitative Electrostatics Experiment, Bryan K. Armentrout and Diego Castano

Directing Foldamer Self‐Assembly with a Cyclopropanoyl Cap, Danim Lim, Hyunjoong Kim, Jintaek Gong, Jae-Hoon Eom, Eunyoung Yoon, Russell Driver, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Hee-Seung Lee

Submissions from 2018


The Physics of Moving Bodies, Diego Castano


Starch, Lipid, and Protein Accumulation in Nutrient-Stressed Microalgal Cells Studied Using Fourier Transform Infrared Microscopy, Gary Hastings, Jodian Thomas, Keillor Witt, Dimitri Giarikos, and Reza Razeghifard

Teaching Vibrational Spectra to Assign Themselves, Paul L. Houston, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr., Chen Qu, Qi Yu, and Joel M. Bowman

Engineering the Surface Properties of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Utilizing Aqueous RAFT Photografting of Acrylate/Methacrylate Monomers, Cary A. Kuliasha, Rebecca L. Fedderwitz, Patricia R. Calvo, Brent S. Sumerlin, and Anthony B. Brennan

The E-STEAM (Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Project for Girls Mentoring Program, R. Llanos-Almeida, M. McDermott, R. Sims, Molly J. Scanlon, S. Hicks, Maria Ballester, Tennille Davis Shuster, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno, Melissa L. Dore, R. Anderson, S. Fabius, and J. Torruellas Garcia

Assessing Gaussian Process Regression and Permutationally Invariant Polynomial Approaches To Represent High-Dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces, Chen Qu, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr., Joel M. Bowman, and Rodrigo A. Vargas-Hernandez

Vibrational Tug-of-War: The pKA Dependence of the Broad Vibrational Features of Strongly Hydrogen-Bonded Carboxylic Acids, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr. and Poul B. Petersen

Detection of a transient FeV(O)(OH) species involved in olefin oxidation by a bio-inspired non-haem iron catalyst, Shuangning Xu, Jedidiah J. Veach, Williamson N. Oloo, Kevin C. Peters, Junyi Wang, Richard H. Perry, and Lawrence Que Jr.

Submissions from 2017

Very Thin Disc Galaxies in the SDSS Catalog of Edge-on Galaxies, D. V. Bizyaev, Stefan Kautsch, Natalia Ya. Sotnikova, Vladimir P. Reshetnikov, and Aleksander V. Mosenkov


Studying the Universe and Finding Planets – Why It Matters and What It Means, Stefan Kautsch


Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Drugs and Inhibition of Adrenal Beta-Arrestin-1-Dependent Aldosterone Production: Implications for Heart Failure Therapy, Anastasios Lymperopoulos and Beatrix Aukszi

A Binary Representation of the Genetic Code, Louis R. Nemzer

Shannon Information Entropy in the Canonical Genetic Code, Louis R. Nemzer

A Combined Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Approach to Computing the OH Vibrational Feature of Strongly Hydrogen-Bonded Carboxylic Acids, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr. and Poul B. Petersen

Submissions from 2016

Hyperbranched Polymers via RAFT Self-Condensing Vinyl Polymerization, Jawaher A. Alfurhood, Patricia R. Bachler, and Brent S. Sumerlin

Hyperbranched Poly(N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide) via RAFT Self-Condensing Vinyl Polymerization, Jawaher A. Alfurhood, Hao Sun, Patricia R. Bachler, and Brent S. Sumerlin

Modular Segmented Hyperbranched Copolymers, Patricia R. Bachler, Kaitlyn E. Forry, Chelsea A. Sparks, Michael D. Schulz, Kenneth B. Wagener, and Brent S. Sumerlin

Ligand Passivated Core−Shell FePt@Co Nanomagnets Exhibiting Enhanced Energy Product, David J. Carnevale, Michael Shatruk, and Geoffrey F. Strouse

Angles, Triangle Inequalities, Correlation Matrices and Metric-Preserving and Subadditive Functions, Diego Castano, Vehbi Emrah Paksoy, and Fuzhen Zhang

Synchronized Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging, Troy J. Comi, Seung Woo Ryu, and Richard H. Perry

Online Single Particle Analysis of Chemical Composition and Mixing State of Crop Straw Burning Particles: From Laboratory Study to Field Measurement, Juntao Huo, Xiaohui Lu, Xinning Wang, Hong Chen, Xingnan Ye, Song Gao, Deborah S. Gross, Jianmin Chen, and Xin Yang

Ligand Induced Conformational Changes of a Membrane Transporter in E. coli Cells Observed with DEER/PELDOR, Benesh Joseph, Arthur Sikora, and David S. Cafiso


Combining paper-based electrochemistry and mass spectrometry, Yao-Min Liu and Richard H. Perry

Linking Autism and Epilepsy, Florence Neymotin and Louis R. Nemzer

Allosteric Signaling Is Bidirectional in an Outer-Membrane Transport Protein, Arthur Sikora, Benesh Joseph, Morgan Matson, Jacob R. Staley, and David S. Casifo

Submissions from 2015

Aminobisphosphonate Polymers via RAFT and a Multicomponent Kabachnik–Fields Reaction, Patricia R. Bachler, Michael D. Schulz, Chelsea A. Sparks, Kenneth B. Wagener, and Brent S. Sumerlin

Functional Precision Polymers via ADMET Polymerization, Patricia R. Bachler and Kenneth B. Wagener

Outstanding Laser Damage Threshold in Li2MnGeS4 and Tunable Optical Nonlinearity in Diamond-Like Semiconductors, Jacilynn A. Brant, Daniel J. Clark, Yong Soo Kim, Joon I. Jang, Ashley Weiland, and Jennifer A. Aitken

A New Class of Lithium Ion Conductors with Tunable Structures and Compositions: Quaternary Diamond-like Thiogermanates, Jacilynn A. Brant, Kasey P. Devlin, Christian Bischoff, Deborah Watson, Steve W. Martin, Michael D. Gross, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Fast Lithium Ion Conduction in Li2SnS3: Synthesis, Physicochemical Characterization, and Electronic Structure, Jacilynn A. Brant, Danielle M. Massi, N. A. W. Holzwarth, Joseph H. MacNeil, Alexios P. Douvalis, Thomas Bakas, Steve W. Martin, Michael D. Gross, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Thermoelectric Transport Properties of CuFeInTe3, H. Cabrera, I. Zumeta-Dube, D. Korte, P. Grima-Gallardo, F. Alvarado, Jennifer A. Aitken, Jacilynn A. Brant, Jian-Han Zhang, A. Calderon, E. Marin, M. Aguilar-Frutis, J. E. Erazo, E. Perez-Cappe, and M. Franko

Polymorphism and Second Harmonic Generation in a Novel Diamond-like Semiconductor: Li2MnSnS4, Kasey P. Devlin, Andrew J. Glaid, Jacilynn A. Brant, Jian-Han Zhang, Matthew N. Srnec, Daniel J. Clark, Yong Soo Kim, Joon I. Jang, Kimberly R. Daley, Meghann A. Moreau, Jeffry D. Madura, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Mass Spectrometry of Atmospheric-Pressure Ball Plasmoids, Scott E. Dubowsky, David M. Friday, Kevin C. Peters, Zhangji Zhao, Richard H. Perry, and Benjamin J. McCall


Preparation, Crystal Structure, Thermal Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Optical Band-Gaps of Cu2GeTe4 and Cu2SnTe4 Alloys, Pedro Grima Gallardo, Ricardo Pena, Luis Nieves, Gustavo Marcano, Miguel Quintero, Ekadink Moreno, Jian-Han Zhang, Jacilynn A. Brant, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Managing Short-Lived Climate Forcers in Curbing Climate Change: An Atmospheric Chemistry Synopsis, Song Gao

Distance Measurement on an Endogenous Membrane Transporter in E. coli Cells and Native Membranes Using EPR Spectroscopy, Benesh Joseph, Arthur Sikora, Enrica Bordignon, Gunnar Jeschke, David S. Cafiso, and Thomas F. Prisner

Paper-Based Electrochemical Cell Coupled to Mass Spectrometry, Yao-Min Liu and Richard H. Perry


African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) Can Detect TNT Using Olfaction: Implications for Biosensor Application, Ashadee K. Miller, Michael C. Hensman, Sean Hensman, Kip Schulz, Paul Reid, Mike Shore, Jessica S. Brown, Kenneth G. Furton, and Stephen Lee


Does the Stellar Disc Flattening Depend on the Galaxy Type, A. V. Mosenkov, N. Ya. Sotnikova, V. P. Reshetnikov, D. V. Bizyaev, and Stefan Kautsch

Imprisoned Lightning: Charge Transport in Trehalose-Derived Sugar Glasses, Louis R. Nemzer, Mahantesh S. Navati, and Joel M. Friedman

Multistage Reactive Transmission-Mode Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Kevin C. Peters, Troy J. Comi, and Richard H. Perry

Photochemistry of Free and Bound Zn-Chlorophyll Analogues to Synthetic Peptides Depend on the Quinone and pH, Reza Razeghifard

Origin of the Hadži ABC Structure: An Ab Initio Study, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr. and Poul B. Petersen

Infrared Nonlinear Optical Properties of Lithium-Containing Diamond-like Semiconductors Li2ZnGeSe4 and Li2ZnSnSe4, Jian-Han Zhang, Daniel J. Clark, Jacilynn A. Brant, Charles W. Sinagra III, Yong Soo Kim, Joon I. Jang, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Submissions from 2014


The Catalog of Edge-On Disk Galaxies from SDSS. I. The Catalog and the Structural Parameters of Stellar Disks, D. V. Bizyaev, Stefan Kautsch, A. V. Mosenkov, V. P. Reshetnikov, N. Ya. Sotnikova, and N. V. Yablokova

Li2CdGeS4, A Diamond-Like Semiconductor with Strong Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity in the Infrared and Exceptional Laser Damage Threshold, Jacilynn A. Brant, Daniel W. Clark, Yong Soo Kim, Joon I. Jang, Jian-Han Zhang, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Field-Induced Spin-Flop in Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors with Commensurate and Incommensurate Magnetic Structures: Li2FeGeS4 (LIGS) and Li2FeSnS4 (LITS), Jacilynn A. Brant, Clarina dela Cruz, Jinlei Yao, Alexios P. Douvalis, Thomas Bakas, Monica Sorescu, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Preparation, Crystal Structure and Thermal Analysis of Cu2GeTe4 and Cu2SnTe4 Alloys, P. Grima-Gallardo, Ricardo Pena, Luis Nieves, Gustavo Marcano, Miguel Quintero, Ekadink Moreno, Jacilynn A. Brant, and Jennifer A. Aitken

Highly Efficient Infrared Optical Nonlinearity of a Wide-Bandgap Chalcogenide Li2CdGeS4, Joon I. Jang, Daniel J. Clark, Jacilynn A. Brant, Jennifer A. Aitken, and Yong Soo Kim

A Model of Band-Pass Phenotypic Resistance in a Modified Beverton-Holt Framework, Louis R. Nemzer

Enzyme Entrapment in Polyaniline FIlms Observed via Fluorescence Anisotropy and Antiquenching, Louis R. Nemzer, Marisa McCaffrey, and Arthur J. Epstein


Locus of Control and Obesity, Florence Neymotin and Louis R. Nemzer

A P450 Metabolism Experiment for Undergraduate Biochemistry Laboratories, Reza Razeghifard, Catherine Chiafair, and Dimitri Giarikos

Optical Nonlinearity in Cu2CdSnS4 and α/β-Cu2ZnSiS4: Diamond-like Semiconductors with High Laser-Damage Thresholds, Kimberly A. Rosmus, Jacilynn A. Brant, Stephen D. Wisneski, Daniel J. Clark, Yong Soo Kim, Joon I. Jang, Carl D. Brunetta, Jian-Han Zhang, Matthew N. Srnec, and Jennifer A. Aitken


Glycosylation Modulates Melanoma Cell α2β1 and α3β1 Integrin Interactions with Type IV Collagen, Maciej J. Stawikowski, Beatrix Aukszi, Roma Stawikowska, Mare Cudic, and Gregg B. Fields

Characterization of Aerosol Optical Properties, Chemical Composition and Mixing States in the Winter Season in Shanghai, China, Yong Tang, Yuanlong Huang, Ling Li, Hong Chen, Jianmin Chen, Xin Yang, Song Gao, and Deborah S. Gross

Submissions from 2013

Electrooxidation of Alcohols Catalyzed by Amino Alcohol Ligated Ruthenium Complexes, Kristen R. Brownell, Charles C. L. McCrory, Christopher E. D. Chidsey, Richard H. Perry, Richard N. Zare, and Robert M. Waymouth


Applicability of Emanating Volatile Organic Compounds from Various Forensic Specimens for Individual Differentiation, Jessica S. Brown, Paola A. Prada, Allison M. Curran, and Kenneth G. Furton

The Impact of Three New Quaternary Sulfides on the Current Predictive Tools for Structure and Composition of Diamond-Like Materials, Carl D. Brunetta, Jacilynn A. Brant, Kimberly A. Rosmus, Kylie M. Henline, Emma Karey, Joseph H. MacNeil, and Jennifer A. Aitken


Basic Neuron Model Electrical Equivalent Circuit: An Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise, Katie Dabrowski, Diego Castano, and Jaime L. Tartar


Shared Mycobacterium avium Genotypes Observed among Unlinked Clinical and Environmental Isolates, M. Ashworth Dirac, Kris M. Weigel, MItchell A. Yakrus, Annie L. Becker, Hui-Ling Chen, Gina Fridley, Arthur Sikora, Cate Speake, Elizabeth D. Hilborn, Stacy Pfaller, and Gerard A. Cangelosi

Qualitative Analysis of Sequence Specific Binding of Flavones to DNA Using Restriction Endonuclease Activity Assays, Elizabeth Duran, Victoria P. Ramsauer, Maria Ballester, Ruben D. Torrenegra, Oscar E. Rodriguez, and Stephen A. Winkle

Monomeric TonB and the Ton Box Are Required for the Formation of a High-Affinity Transporter–TonB Complex, Daniel M. Freed, Stephen M. Lukasik, Arthur Sikora, and Audrey Mokdad

Incorporation of Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry into the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum, Dimitri Giarikos, Sagir Patel, Andrew Lister, and Reza Razeghifard

Ethanol Shock and Lysozyme Aggregation, Louis R. Nemzer, Bret N. Flanders, Jeremy D. Schmit, Amitabha Chakrabarti, and Christopher M. Sorensen

Characterization of MYC-Induced Tumorigenesis by in Situ Lipid Profiling, Richard H. Perry, David I. Bellovin, Emelyn H. Shroff, Ali I. Ismail, Tahera Zubuawala, Dean W. Felsher, and Richard N. Zare

Algal Biofuels, Reza Razeghifard

Submissions from 2012

A Review on the Importance of Metals and Metalloids in Atmospheric Dust and Aerosol from Mining Operations, Janae Csavina, Jason Field, Mark P. Taylor, Song Gao, Andrea Landazuri, Eric A. Betterton, and A. Eduardo Saez


Flexural Rigidity Measurements of Biopolymers Using Gliding Assays, Douglas S. Martin, Lu Yu, and Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr.


Transient Ru-Methyl Formate Intermediates Generated with Bifunctional Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts, Richard H. Perry, Kristen R. Brownell, Konstantin Chingin, Thomas J. Cahill III, Robert M. Waymouth, and Richard N. Zare


Capturing Fleeting Intermediates in a Catalytic C-H Amination Reaction Cycle, Richard H. Perry, Thomas J. Cahill III, Jennifer L. Roizen, Justin Du Bois, and Richard N. Zare

Lysine-Specific Histone Demethylase 1 Inhibitors Control Breast Cancer Proliferation in ERα-Dependent and -Independent Manners, Julie A. Pollock, Michelle D. Larrea, Jeff S. Jasper, Donald P. McDonnell, and Dewey G. McCafferty


Anti-Neoplastic Activity of Two Flavone Isomers Derived from Gnaphalium elegans and Achyrocline bogotensis, Christan M. Thomas, Robert C. Wood III, Jarrett E. Wyatt, Morgan H. Pendleton, Ruben D. Torrenegra, Oscar E. Rodriguez, Sam Harirforoosh, Maria Ballester, Janet Lightner, Koyamangalath Krishnan, and Victoria P. Ramsauer

Evolution of the Mixing State of Fine Aerosols During Haze Events in Shanghai, Fan Yang, Hong Chen, Jianfei Du, Xin Yang, Song Gao, Jianmin Chen, and Fuhai Geng

Submissions from 2011

Interfacing Capillary-Based Separations to Mass Spectrometry Using Desorption Electrospray Ionization, Griffin K. Barbula, Samir Safi, Konstantin Chingin, Richard H. Perry, and Richard N. Zare


Can a Road-Driven Car Outrace a Free-Falling Car?, Diego Castano


Conicoid Mirrors, Diego Castano and Lawrence Carl Hawkins

Generation of Melamine Polymer Condensates upon Hypergolic Ignition of Dicyanamide Ionic Liquids, Konstantin Chingin, Richard H. Perry, Steven D. Chambreau, Ghanshyam L. Vaghjiani, and Richard N. Zare


A Search for Young Stars in the S0 Galaxies of a Super-Group at z=0.37, Dennis W. Just, Dennis Zaritsky, Kim-Vy H. Tran, Anthony H. Gonzalez, Stefan Kautsch, and John Moustakas

Exciton Peak Redshifting and Broadening in Polyaniline Chains During Ion-Induced Hydrophobic Collapse and Aggregation, Louis R. Nemzer and Arthur J. Epstein

Detecting Reaction Intermediates in Liquids on the Millisecond Time Scale Using Desorption Electrospray Ionization, Richard H. Perry, Maurizio Splendore, Allis Chien, Nick K. Davis, and Richard N. Zare

Submissions from 2010


Water-Soluble SOA from Alkene Ozonolysis: Composition and Droplet Activation Kinetics Inferences from Analysis of CCN Activity, A. Asa-Awuku, A. Nenes, Song Gao, R. C. Flagan, and John H. Seinfeld

Co(II) Halide Complexes with 2-amino-3-methylpyridinium and 2-amino-5-methylpyridinium: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties, David J. Carnevale, Christopher P. Landee, Mark M. Turnbull, Mon Winn, and Fan Xiao

A Polyaniline-Based Optical Biosensing Platform Using an Entrapped Oxidoreductase Enzyme, Louis R. Nemzer and Arthur J. Epstein

Enzyme Entrapment in Reprecipitated Polyaniline Nano- and Microparticles, Louis R. Nemzer, Austin Schwartz, and Arthur J. Epstein

Hand-Held Mass Spectrometer for Environmentally Relevant Analytes Using a Variety of Sampling and Ionization Methods, Nathaniel L. Sanders, Ewa Sokol, Richard H. Perry, Guangming Huang, Robert J. Noll, Jason S. Duncan, and R. Graham Cooks

Trace Detection of Non-Uniformly Distributed Analytes on Surfaces Using Mass Transfer and Large-Area Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) Mass Spectrometry, Santosh Soparawalla, Gary A. Salazar, Ewa Sokol, and Richard H. Perry

Origin of the 900 cm−1 Broad Double-Hump OH Vibrational Feature of Strongly Hydrogen-Bonded Carboxylic Acids, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr. and Poul B. Petersen

Submissions from 2009

Zeolite-like Metal−Organic Frameworks (ZMOFs) Based on the Directed Assembly of Finite Metal−Organic Cubes (MOCs), Mohamed H. Alkordi, Jacilynn A. Brant, Lukasz Wojtas, Victor Ch. Kravtsov, Amy J. Cairns, and Mohamed Eddaoudi

Direct Analysis of Stevia Leaves for Diterpene Glycosides by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Ayanna U. Jackson, Alessandra Tata, Chunping Wu, Richard H. Perry, George Haas, Leslie West, and R. Graham Cooks

Edge-On Disk Galaxies in the SDSS DR6: Fractions of Bulgeless and Other Disk Galaxies, Stefan Kautsch

Flat Galaxies in the SDSS DR6, Stefan Kautsch


The Edge-On Perspective of Bulgeless, Simple Disk Galaxies, Stefan Kautsch

The Edge-On Perspective of Bulgeless, Simple Disk Galaxies, Stefan Kautsch

Disk Galaxies and Their Environment, Stefan Kautsch, J. S. Gallagher, and E. K. Grebel


RSK1 Drives p27Kip1 Phosphorylation at T198 to Promote RhoA Inhibition and Increase Cell Motility, Michelle D. Larrea, Feng Hong, Seth A. Wander, Thiago G. da Silva, David Helfman, Deborah Lannigan, Jeffrey A. Smith, and Joyce M. Slingerland


p27 as Jekyll and Hyde: Regulation of Cell Cycle and Cell Motility, Michelle D. Larrea, Seth A. Wander, and Joyce M. Slingerland


Rephasing Ion Packets in the Orbitrap Mass Analyzer to Improve Resolution and Peak Shape, Richard H. Perry, Qizhi Hu, Gary A. Salazar, R. Graham Cooks, and Robert J. Noll