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VizieR Online Data Catalog: Structural parameters of true edge-on galaxies

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Galaxy catalogs, Photometry: SDSS, Morphology, Radial velocities


The initial sample of candidates to edge-on galaxies was automatically selected from the SDSS Seventh Data Release (DR7; Abazajian et al. 2009ApJS..182..543A, Cat. II/294) using its Catalog Access Server query tools. The selection criteria are discussed in detail by Kautsch et al. (2006, J/A+A/445/765; 2006A&A...451.1171K) and Kautsch (2009AN....330..100K). This selection was based on the axial ratio, angular diameter, magnitude, and color limits. Flagged galaxies and objects with extreme magnitude errors were not included. The SDSS query was tailored to select relatively bright galaxies with apparent Petrosian magnitudes in the g band less than 20 mag using the Petrosian flux; galaxies with angular major-axis diameters larger than 30 arcsec based upon isoA_g, the isophotal major axis given in SDSS in g band; and "flat" galaxies with an axis ratio >3 in the g band, which is defined by the isophotal axes isoAg divided by isoBg. The objects are also selected in certain (-0.5<=g-r<=2) and (-0.5<=r-i<=2) color ranges. The use of the color ranges in reddening-corrected Petrosian magnitudes allows to prevent the inclusion of galaxies with unusual colors caused by active galactic nuclei, instrument flaws, or ghost images.