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Distance and Interpersonal Analysis on Learning Progression of Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Biochemistry

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9th Annual LSSF STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Conference Presentation

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Anticipated learning outcomes (ALOs) are useful in defining various learning objectives. This research aims to measure the ALOs in the field of research as a result of hands-on learning. In order to evaluate ALOs of students in a biochemical context, Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Laboratory (BASIL) curriculum was used. Students completed assignments that were scored on a scale from 1-5, with 1 being a poor understanding of the material, and 5 being mastery. Scorers subjectively assigned related scores to students from the previous semesters' lab work which aligned with the ALO curriculum. The curriculum is divided amongst different criteria and different relative lab work done by students is representative of the students’ knowledge of various topics. For the purpose of ALO experimentation, the semesters prior to remote learning, which was established during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020-current, serve as a reference group of the effects of in-person, hands-on learning, relative to distance learning brought upon during Spring 2020-Fall 2021. There will be a difference between average scores for TR# assignments across semesters due to distance learning versus in-person learning effects on students. Students’ lab work was assessed based on the ALO scoring guidelines provided. The level of mastery that each student displays gives an adequate understanding of the retention of biochemistry concepts. On average, in Winter 2020 performance decreased for biochemical ALOs but increased for computational ALOs.


0000-0002-9739-4039, 0000-0001-6295-9928