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A cytogenetic comparison of the G-banded karyotypes of the domestic cat and man

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A genetic map of 31 biochemical loci located on sexteen feline syntenic groups has been derived by somatic cell genetic analysis of cat x rodent somatic cell hybrids. Comparative linkage analysis of the feline and human genetic maps indicated a striking conservation of chromosomal linkage associations of homologous loci between cat and man. The high degree of conservation of linkage associations and the recent reports of chromosomal banding homologies that span up to fifty million years of mammalian evolution have prompted us to look for G-banding homologies between the chromosomes of the cat and man. We have restricted our analysis to those chromosomes for which homologous enzyme systems have been mapped in both species. For example, the isozyme markers LDH B, PEP B, TPI and GAPD are located on chromosome B4 in the cat and on chromosome 12 in man. Using these criteria, it is possible to compare eleven cat chromosomes with twelve human chromosomes. None of the chromosomes analyzed show complete banding homology in the interspecies comparisons. At the subchromosomal level, however, six examples of possible banding homologies were found. To confirm that these homologies are real, in such evolutionarily divergent species, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the gene order of comparable gene-enzyme loci are colinear in regions of putative banding homologies. Regional localizations of syntenic loci in the cat are currently in progress.

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