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Omorose Butler


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BS Biology

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Vitas Healthcare


medical team-member

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The biology program at NSU strengthened my knowledge of core sciences while also providing a solid foundation in upper level science courses such as biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology. I’m most grateful for the lasting rapport I built with other NSU alumni, students, and faculty. As noted from the brief synapses regarding my continued education, it’s been a long road with more obstacles to overcome ahead. There is no date range listed on your degree, therefore, don’t allow time to define you. In the end, this journey is your own. Don’t undermine the challenges you faced not only as a student but a mother, caretaker, full/part-time employee, or whatever the reality of your situation. The road you chose maybe one less frequently traveled but in the end, we all share a common denominator. As students, we’re pursuing higher education with a goal in mind. Remain steadfast in your pursuit and continue pushing forward.


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