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Prasanna Marathe


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BS Biology

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June 2014

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NSU Experience

I enjoyed the NSU small faculty to student ratio which allowed a high quality and more personalized educational experience. I developed great relationships with many NSU faculty. The lessons they taught me continue to drive and influence my thoughts and actions today. The most important skill in the health care profession is compassion and kindness which Dr. Schmitt exemplified in her outreach to Science Alive. Today when I see patients, I try to make their experience patient centered. In addition to medically managing them, I try to make them feel more comfortable which builds trust. Ex: Asking them if they need more blankets if they are cold, or if they need a glass of water because their throat is dry, or explaining the reasons behind the medical plan so that they adhere to it. This is not something everyone does, and patients really appreciate it. So biggest message to current NSU Sharks is: treat the patients as if they are your family member- you wont go wrong with the high quality of care you will provide if you have that mindset.


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