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Steffani Tiomno


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BS Biology

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Psychology, Business for non-business majors

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Optometry Student

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The biology program at NSU was a tremendously helpful preparation for my current studies in optometry school at NSU. All the rigorous coursework and long hours of studying for each science course in undergrad prepared me for the even more demanding schedule of optometry school. All the professors taught me very well most of the same material that I had to learn again during my basic science courses in my current program. That made my studying a little easier because I could focus more on the details this time.

I really appreciated the small class size at NSU during my undergrad. If I had a question or needed help in a subject, I knew I could go to my professor’s office and talk to them. I feel that it made the experience more personalized. NSU also gave me a lot of opportunity to grow personally and professionally. As a peer tutor for 3 years and president of Rotaract for a year, I learned how to communicate as a leader and a team player. Working during my undergrad taught me some very important time management skills, which have become very helpful to me both in my personal life and in optometry school. As I am about to start seeing patients in just over a week, I feel that I am ready to communicate effectively in a professional manner.

For anybody who is just starting the biology program at NSU or is in the middle of it, my best advice is to remember why you are studying so hard. That always helped me when I was in the middle of hectic exam weeks. My dream is finally coming alive, so I promise it is worth it. Take in all the material like a sponge, and don’t try to just pass each class to get your degree. If you are thinking about a career in the medical field of any sort, you want to learn what you need to help your future patients. Not only will that make you a better professional in whatever field you choose, it will help your studying go faster and be more worthwhile.


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