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Jaibel Makiyil


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BS Biology

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M.D. Texas Tech Paul L Foster School of Medicine

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1. How the bio program prepared me: I think NSU is amazing. It provides you with all the resources required to succeed, and has some gems larger and smaller programs do not have. There is unlimited tutoring in whatever subject you want, research is not difficult to find, it's possible to even do clinical research with the grad school professors (!!!), you can find amazing activities or make them yourself, there is a club for whatever interest you have (or again you can make it!), and there are some truly great professors who can explain complex topics that you could have spent a week trying to learn, that they can TEACH in a 1 hour class :) 2. Best things about NSU and my time: Wonderful mentors! and I met my best friend at NSU 3.Words of Wisdom (?) This is a time to learn and grow. You will grow so much in your confidence, knowledge, and learn to grow your compassion more than you thought possible. You will meet amazing friends, and mentors who will inspire you to be the very best of yourself. You will also have days of loneliness, frustrations, self doubt, and feel like there is nothing good about you. Realize those moments will happen (sometimes a lot), but it's something every adult will feel no matter where they are in life. Choose to focus on all the truly beautiful pieces of yourself, and realize you carry more than enough in yourself to achieve all the dreams you daydream of accomplishing. Just start.


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