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Jessica Millar


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BS Biology

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Chemistry, Psychology

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Other Institutions of Study

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)- University of Florida, Class of 2019

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Medical Student

NSU Experience

My degree from NSU prepared me incredibly well for medical school. What I enjoyed the most were the unique classes I was able to take while an undergraduate. I had the opportunity to take histology, immunology, and advanced physiology which were incredibly helpful while in medical school. What was also incredibly helpful were the small class sizes at NSU. While an undergraduate my professors were very involved during lecture, asking questions, having us participate, etc. Many of my classmates in medical school came from much larger universities where the professors were not as involved and they were not as use to being so involved in lecture. I definitely think having that type of connection with my professors in undergraduate and being use to asking questions helped me so much during medical school.


Millar, Jessica K., Kolenkode B. Kannan, Tyler J. Loftus, Ines G. Alamo, Jessica Plazas, Philip A. Efron, and Alicia M. Mohr. "Persistent injury-associated anemia: the role of the bone marrow microenvironment." Journal of Surgical Research 214 (2017): 240-46.


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