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Jennifer Marrero


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NSU Major

BA Business Administration, BS Biology

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Current Employer

Somerset Academy Charter School


Biology and Life Sciences Teacher

NSU Experience

Having earned a double major in biology and business administration opened ample windows of opportunity. After graduation I worked as a dance choreographer and worked my way up as the Artistic Director. My business degree allowed me the background knowledge to make decisions best for the company and clients. A few years later I transitioned careers and was hired as a science teacher for a charter school. I have had the opportunity to teach various grade levels and science classes. This transition in life could not have been accomplished without my biology degree. NSU provides rigorous learning and application of content along with professors with real-world experience. The small class sizes allowed me to be connected to my colleagues and meet with my professors for one-on-one learning. While furthering my education years after graduating from NSU, I know I will be successful due to the skills acquired during my time there. My words of wisdom for current students attending NSU would include taking advantage of how knowledgeable your professors are; do not hesitate to ask questions. Developing a professional relationship with them can keep the doors open for future opportunities.


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