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Michael Navarette


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BS Biology, BS Psychology, DMD Dental Medicine

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Castle Point VA AEGD Dental Residency, Hudson Valley, NY

NSU Experience

Completing the Biology program at NSU has helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a Dentist. The biology program helped me learn the fundamentals of biology and anatomy as well as how to study for very complex classes. The study techniques that I learned from professors at NSU as well as from the practice and test taking helped me create a my own study strategies to achieve high exam scores while creating long-term memories of the material. With this practice I was able to take 40 credit hours per semester in dental school and achieve high grades while still retaining the material necessary for my career. The Psychology major prepared me for my career because it helped gain perspective on how people express themselves, how to communicate effectively, and most importantly of all how to listen and understand others. NSU was also a very professional environment that also allowed opportunities to interact and give back to the community through medical/dental organizations. One of the great benefits of NSU is that it allows undergraduate students to tailor their courses to match the needs and requirement of their future career. Therefore, I recommend future students to In conclusion, NSU has been a great educational community from which I've obtained valuable learning experiences that have helped me become the well-rounded individual and future Dentist.


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