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Li Qing Ng


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NSU Major

BS Biology

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Other Institutions of Study

Doctor of Optometry (OD) from Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University c/o 2019



NSU Experience

The classes necessary for achieving a biology degree at NSU are comprehensive and in depth. When I was studying for the entrance exam to optometry school (OAT), I did not feel that I was lacking knowledge in the material being tested. However, o nly after I started optometry school did I realize how much of the content covered in the undergraduate anatomy & physiology classes at NSU are at a graduate level. Given the volume of information taught in graduate school, it was extremely helpful that I had already learned about half of the material at NSU. This allowed me a little extra time to focus on material which was new.

What I like best about NSU is the small class sizes. Having at most 40 students in a class allowed direct interactions between the students and professor. Furthermore, whenever we had questions, we could seek help directly from the professors instead of only being able to talk to a teaching assistant. The professors take a genuine interest in students' lives and futures and are always willing and ready to offer any type of assistance we might need. I received not only help, but also encouragement from my professors during school as well as in my application process to optometry school. Till today, I still keep in contact with some of my professors, sharing my experiences in school.

Education is a lifelong journey that should be embarked on with the intention of learning. Once education becomes a drudgery and chore, the focus has been lost. To current students, look at your education as a stepping stone to become the best professional in making a difference to society. You could only have reach this level of education through the help and sacrifice of someone else. Never forget where you came from. Strive hard to be your best for those who will follow behind you!