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Catalina Rodriguez


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BS Biology, D.O. Osteopathic Medicine

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The biology program at NSU truly prepared me for the rigors of medical school. The curriculum and expertise of the professors challenged me and motivated me to be the best I could be both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities In addition to the academics, the program at NSU also offered numerous opportunities to gain valuable experience in the medical field offering internships at prestigious centers worldwide. Throughout the year there were also many chances to become a leader in the community and volunteer at health fairs, schools, and many other great events. These experiences not only allowed me to grow and gain experience, but it also allowed me to be a more competitive applicant to medical school. As a result of these experiences, as well as the small class sizes, the professors got to know me and I felt confident in asking for letters of recommendation that I knew were all assets to my application for medical school. If I could leave you with some advice, it would be to challenge yourself by applying to every opportunity that comes your way, take the difficult courses, and expose yourself to leadership opportunities. If you don’t apply, you will never know if you would have been accepted and it’s important to take that first step. Hard work pays off in the end.


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