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Snehal Smart


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BS Biology

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Medical Degree, St. Matthews University School of Medicine c/o 2012

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Patient Advocate

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Biology is one of the most important subjects to prepare pre-med students. Whether it be continuing education into a graduate program for pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or anything health related, biology helps understand the basics and to build further knowledge and education based on what was learned in biology. The biology program at NSU better helped me prepare for my career in several ways From helping me learn the best way I study and learn the material to prepare for exams to being challenged on quizzes that were not always multiple choice and sometimes required to write paragraphs explaining the answer. What I liked best at NSU were the smaller class sizes. My professors knew me by my name and helped me one on one to do better in class and learn the material. They were always available to email or step in their office to answer a question or help me understand the material better. For current students, I recommend to stay focused on their goals and make the best out of undergraduate studies because it better prepares you for graduate school. In graduate school, you may not see the same material again; however, prepping for exams and studying different ways helps you find what best works for you and when you start graduate school, you know what study methods work best.