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Ashley Misir


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NSU Major

BS Biology

Other Institutions of Study

JD Law, Brooklyn Law School



NSU Experience

One of my favorite things about NSU is the fact that they encourage hands on learning; The opportunity to attend clinics, work directly with medical professionals, and participate in various projects such as Science Alive really helped me to decide what path I wanted to take. While I was very undecided as to what route to take, the opportunity to shadow students in the dental profession as well as athletic training students gave me a better feel as to what they each entailed. Realizing that I was still somewhat squeamish towards medicine incited fear and panic that I would have no career after receiving my Biology degree. However, the academic faculty put my mind at ease. The faculty at NSU was the best part of the university. Their work in various fields stemming from research to policy showed me that opportunity with a Biology degree is vast! I was given an opportunity to work on an actual research project and participate in the process of submission for a publication. The faculty at NSU really helped me with my professional development and skill set.