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Michael Smith


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BS Biology, D.O. Osteopathic Medicine

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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NSU’s small class sizes and student focused faculty fostered an environment where maximum learning could take place. Every opportunity to learn and excel was provided. At NSU’s biology program, you really get to know your professors and they get to know you. Deciding to go to medical school presents challenges that other professions do not face. Among a strong GPA and test scores, medical schools look for a well rounded student. At NSU’s biology program, I became involved in many extracurriculars. Most notably, the Science Alive program. Professors and their students brought science experiments and activities to local grade schools in hopes that they will pursue a career in the sciences. These experience reflected well on my medical school applications and I was able to share my experiences during interview days. With the stories gained from Science Alive, I was able to showcase my dedications to teaching, community outreach, and service towards others. These personal attributes set me apart from other applicants! A few words of wisdom: always follow your passions. Don’t let prestige, money, or expectations of others dictate your choices. In many careers (such as in medicine), the sacrifices are great and burnout, depression, and unhappiness is common. Love what you do and all the sacrifices will be worthwhile. Also, it is okay to change your mind and direction. You have a lifetime to define yourself!


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