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Rebekah St. Godard


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BS Biology

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MBA (University of Phoenix)

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Sitterle Homes Austin


Real Estate Agent

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Pursing my undergraduate education at NSU was the stepping stone that shaped my career path and personal goals. I started he biology program at NSU at age 16, and it was by far an incredibly challenging, thought provoking and rewarding journey. Besides the superb quality and attention the professors provide in each class, the opportunities this school provides to further gain hands on experience, discover specialties and build a resume is outstanding. My time at NSU was not only academic. I was involved in many organizations, including being president of NSU Honors Student Association, president and former treasurer of Pre-Physician’s Assistant Society, and an active member of Chemistry Club. In addition, I was privileged to be a part of NSU’s honors program, which expanded my horizons and opened doors for experiences I will forever remember. My time at NSU also allowed me to pursue academic research, specifically studying parasitic microorganisms with two undergraduate biology professors and presenting the research at a symposium. The highlight and closure to my NSU experience was being selected as the 2016 Student Commencement Speaker, representing my graduating 2016 Class and giving a speech at graduation. Since graduation, I am currently half way through pursing my master’s in business administration. I look to finish this degree, then move forward with attending medical school where I aspire to become an orthopedic surgeon. The journey to gaining an undergraduate degree in Biology is difficult, but is rewarding in more ways than words can express. My advice is to always use every resource NSU provides, ask for help when needed, stay focused and make sure to prioritize yourself first.


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