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Paige Swalley


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BS Biology, D.O. Osteopathic Medicine

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Behavioral Neuroscience

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The biology program at NSU really really really prepared me for my first year of medical school. I am not exaggerating. The first year is usually basic sciences so you can build an understanding of how the body works before you learn what can go wrong, and it was so close to the information I had been taught in undergrad that I was starting to suspect that the undergraduate professors somehow had access to the course materials! Even though some of the information was more detailed, I was still more prepared than classmates from other schools because the basic understanding was already there. It wasn’t just me, either. Most of the NSU undergraduate students in my class reported the same thing, and we all breezed through the year with fantastic grades. One of the courses was actually so much more intense in undergrad that I spent my time in lab teaching my classmates what they were supposed to be seeing through the microscope. If you are planning on going to graduate school, definitely take the “harder” professors. They have that reputation because you’ll actually have to learn the material - which really comes in handy when you have to learn it all again at a higher level.


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