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Amal Bhullar


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BS Biology

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M.D. Candidate c/o 2020 Florida International University, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

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Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine


M.D. Candidate

NSU Experience

As a current medical student, I can confidently say that NSU's biology program definitely aided in my preparation for medical school's rigorous curriculum. The biology and chemistry courses are definitely the building blocks for any higher level science classes, really try to take advantage and learn as much as you can from these "basic" classes (it makes learning advanced material easier)! I also took higher level biology courses, such as genetics, microbiology, as immunology. I cannot express how much seeing this material before entering medical school eased my transition. Both the material and the rigor of these courses closely match what I've been learning in my courses!

NSU is such a unique school because of all of the different opportunities available for students, which I enjoyed the most. I was able to create and start my own genetics research project with Dr. Schmitt Lavin, help publish an anthropological research paper with Dr. Smith-Cavros, and work part time as a peer tutor. The four years I spent at NSU were hands-down some of the best four years of my life! Take advantage of all of the resources NSU has to offer; they may not be advertised very publicly, so definitely do some research and there are always the amazingly helpful faculty that would love to assist you!