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Mickie Rae Edwards


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NSU Major

BS Marine Biology, MS Marine Biology

NSU Minor Degree

Marine Ecology

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TA / LA at NSU, VCA Animal Hospital



NSU Experience

While in the undergraduate Marine Biology program I got involved in a lab volunteering to assist graduate students with their research. When doing this I then began my independent study research that I was able to eventually present at the Undergraduate student symposium my Senior year. This time I spent in the lab and field lead me to internship opportunities and also graduate school here at NSU. My advise is to try everything available to you. Dive into research of your own, assist others in theirs by volunteering your time, intern over your breaks or while in classes during free time. It might lead you on a track you never expected, for me it was a masters degree. I couldn't be happier in my program and my lab conducting my own research. Best of luck sharks.


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