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Avidor Gerstenfeld


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BS Biology

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Medical Student

NSU Experience

Even before becoming a student at NSU, I had the opportunity to experience the warmth of the faculty of Nova’s Biology department. Much of my - and many of my fellow students’ - positive experiences during our time at Halmos College of Natural Science and Oceanography can be directly attributed to Dr. Schmitt’s passion for what she does and how she truly cares for each individual student. This experience was a large reason for my initial interest in NSU and has been a consistent and transcending tone of Dr. Schmitt’s department.

While earning my BS in Biology (2018), I built not only academic skills and knowledge, but also presentation skills, leadership, and soft skills. Together, my classmates and I worked on gut microbial research and formed the Student Research Society, which later became the foundation for NSU’s Sigma Xi chapter. This could not have happened without Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Fortino. I was exposed to new opportunities, while at the same time encouraged to dive deep into exploring my passions. Today, I am a medical student at NSU’s KPCOM, working on a CPR nonprofit startup, and still actively engage in community EMS.