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Elizaveta Shmakova


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BS Biology, MS Biological Sciences

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Startup Founder

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My name is Elizaveta Shmakova. All my life I loved biology, but didn't know what exactly I wanted to do with it. The biology program at NSU gave me the tools I needed for my career and most importantly showed me a range of possibilities how I can apply biology to my career. The program shows students many aspects of biology. During classes students not only learn crucial information about the subject, but also apply this knowledge by solving real life issues in the classroom. The small class sizes allow for personal relationships with your professors. What actually helped me many times, when I needed their help after my graduation or during my research. Everyone was willing to help and very supportive.

During my MS program I was able to find a job in the field. It helped me to learn faster and get experience working in a microbiology/genomics lab. Right now I am working on my own biotech start-up, where I use the same techniques I have learned at NSU.


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