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Evan Eaton


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BS Biology, MS Biological Sciences

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I am so very thankful for everything the Masters in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Health Studies program has done for me. I entered undergrad at NSU knowing for certain I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. I knew that after undergrad I wanted to find a program that would improve my application and prepare me for the challenges I knew I would face in professional school. Having since completed the program and now being enrolled in NSU’s College of Dental Medicine I can truly say that the courses and faculty in the program provided me with the material and guidance to really excel in dental school. The faculty design the curriculum in the program to mirror that of what you will experience in professional school. I began dental school having already learned so much material I was able to apply to my new classes. Additionally, the faculty are incredibly helpful both in and outside of the classroom. I found myself going to speak with faculty members not only for help on exam topics, but also for help in my next steps after finishing the program and transitioning into dental school. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I was fortunate enough to experience the Masters of Biological Sciences program. It was not only a crucial help in my acceptance into dental school, but also a crucial help in giving me the edge I needed to succeed in dental school.


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