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Andre Kerr


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BS Biology

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MPAS, Physicians Assistant, Florida International University c/o 2017

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NSU Experience

The undergraduate biology program at NSU gave me the core fundamentals and foundations in a way that even surprised me in my professional work and current graduate studies at FIU. As an example, I draw on my knowledge of the Renin Angitensin System (RAAS) everyday, because of how it was taught to me so well at NSU.The undergraduate biology at NSU also allowed me the flexibility to do courses that were not specifically required for my major of biology, but allowed me to tailor my degree and courses in a way to match my choices for graduate school. Two f these course were, Neurobiology, and Cell & Molecular Biology among others. The course curriculum at NSU also prepared me well for a histotechnology job and its related certification that I immediately acquired after graduating. It also prepared me for a field service Bio-engineering job that had me installing and servicing medical and high-end research instruments before applying to graduate school. Essentially, in the NSU undergraduate biology program, I did not just learn, I also learnt how to learn.


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