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Abelardo Vernaza


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MS Biological Sciences

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Barry University

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Natera Inc.


PDO Scientist

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The greatest takeaway from the Biology program at NOVA would most certainty have to be the quality of my education. I'm currently working at a fast-growing biotech in the Bay area and I still apply (and teach) the same techniques and practices I originally learned in the lab at NOVA. Additionally, I truly felt as if the program was tailored to my needs. Professors are readily accessible and the smaller class sizes made me feel as if I was "home" away from home. My peers as well as my teachers cared for my work, my grades, and even my attendance. There is no doubt in my mind that without them, I would not be where I am today. And we all met at NOVA.

My honest and best advise for all students attending is to try and develop healthy relationships at school with peers and teachers for they can last forever.

Also, ask a lot of questions please! I was one of those who asked too many questions ... and I'm glad I did today. Work and study hard and the world will promote your growth.

Good Luck!


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