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Aarabhi Rajagopal


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BS Biology

NSU Minor Degree


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MD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (2019)

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Current Employer

Ann & Robert Lurie Children's Hospital (Northwestern University)


Pediatric Resident

NSU Experience

Coming into NSU, I didn't know what to expect because it was my first time in Florida and my first time away from home in Minnesota. However, I soon found a place that was as unique and enriched as I was hoping college would be! Within NSU Biology, Spanish, and Honors program, I found a home that I still fondly remember to this day.

Through my time in these programs, I learned all the aspects I'd need for my future career in medicine, pediatrics, and time in Miami and Chicago. The courses offered to me through the Biology department served me well for the rigors of the pre-clinical years in medical school, giving me a taste of what would come in the subsequent 4 years. Taking Honors courses opened my eyes to so many aspects of the world, and allowed me to become a more well-rounded human being. Taking Spanish as a minor and becoming more fluent (and well versed in medical vocabulary) proved to be invaluable throughout my 4 years in medical school, as it allowed me to cross language barriers with our Hispanic patients and provide better care as a medical student.

However, my absolute favorite part of being at NSU relationships I developed with my professors because of the increased amount of interaction and small class sizes. Their constant encouragement, advice, and undying support carried me through my time there as an undergrad and gave me the motivation (in part) to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. The professors want the best for their students, which was very apparent from my first day at NSU. Fostering these relationships with my professors allowed me to obtain amazing research & internship experiences, as well as fantastic letters of support that allowed me to continue my studies in medical school at UMMSM. Most importantly, however, I gained mentors for life that I truly look up to and admire, and I keep in touch with many of them to this day. One day -- I hope to be as influential as they have been for me!

One last piece of advice -- pursue whatever passions make you happy, and hold onto them. And stay true to yourself (above all). There are few things in this world that truly make life worthwhile, but your passion for the endeavors you experience is definitely one of those things. Do what fills you with joy because even then, the sacrifices and everything in between will be so worth it.


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