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Alma Alfarra


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MS Biological Sciences

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As a freshman in undergraduate school, I knew I wanted a career option that was biology-based and provided ample opportunities for empathetic human connection. Through researching various healthcare professions and shadowing, I developed a deep interest in dentistry. However, I knew my courses in professional school were only going to become more challenging than the courses I took in undergraduate school. To bridge the chasm, I decided to apply for the Masters of Biological Sciences program. This program has not only strengthened my science background, but also allowed me to discover and experiment with efficient styles of studying. Furthermore, the healthcare field is highly competitive. Acquiring a master’s degree has strengthened my dental school application, provided me with several interview invitations, and an acceptance to Touro College of Dental Medicine in New York. All-in-all, I am extremely excited to continue down my path to dentistry and I believe that the Master’s of Biological Sciences program has helped me achieve my goals.