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Gwen Hoang Bui


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BS Biology, DMD Dental Medicine

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May 2018

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Student Doctor

NSU Experience

NSU's biology program is an important factor in maintaining the foundation necessary for attending a graduate program. The intimate class size gave ample interactions with enthusiastic and helpful professors. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have had the privilege of being lectured by stellar faculty such as Dr. Schmitt, Dr. Smith, Dr. Raja, Dr. Eldakar, as well as Dr. Lash. Alongside Dr. Schmitt, I also had the pleasure of doing a protein modeling research on the prion that causes Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker syndrome, and participate in an afterschool program called Science Alive that introduces STEM topics to elementary students. You cannot go wrong with NSU's biology program because all the connections and tools are there to further your education and get you involved in research and give back to the community.