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Divy Mehra


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NSU Major

BS Biology

NSU Minor Degree

Medical Humanities, Business

NSU Undergraduate Date

May 2017

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Student - D.O. Candidate Class of 2021 NSU KP-COM

NSU Experience

My experience working through NSU's Biology program could not have prepared me better for the academic rigor of medical school, healthcare, and public health advocacy. I was given a complete understanding, as much as reasonably necessary, of biology from one of the strongest university programs in the country at NSU. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and show no hesitation in going above and beyond in caring for future success of their students. The curriculum is rigorous but seldom overwhelming as critical concepts are emphasized, new developments are introduced, and outdated biological processes are treated accordingly. As I look forward to a future in healthcare, I feel prepared beyond my years and could not be prouder of my education and foundational knowledge of the basic sciences.


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