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Nirav Patel


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NSU Major

BS Biology

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Other Institutions of Study

Baylor College of Medicine, MD, 2008 Rice University, MBA, 2008 University of Texas Radiology Residency Yale University Neuroradiology Fellowship

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Diagnostic Radiologist

NSU Experience

I had a great experience in the NSU Biology program and believe it was instrumental in my future success. The faculty are dedicated and brillant and challenged us so we would be able to handle any academic challenge we would encounter in the future. The small classes allowed us to be more than a number and enabled us to interact and get to know our faculty who could ensure we have the most opportunities for success. Because of this close relationship between students and faculty, I was provided many opportunities for research, was a TA and was able to get personal letters of recommendation. I believe all these factors gave me a very unique college experience and helped me gain admission into graduate schools and build a foundation that has guided me to where I am today.