CNSO Faculty Proceedings, Presentations, Speeches, Lectures

CNSO Faculty Proceedings, Presentations, Speeches, Lectures



Submissions from 2020

Modeling the Deep: A Vertically Resolved, End-to-End ECOTRAN Model of the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, S. Calhoun, K. L. Robinson, J. Ruzicka, F. Hernandez, V. Wang, M. Sutor, Tracey Sutton, and Tracy Ainsworth

Addressing Data Gaps in Deep-Pelagic Fauna: A Case Study of an Apex Predatory Fish Family in the Meso- and Bathypelagic Domains, April Cook and Tracey Sutton

Finding Murphy: A $200,000 Slocum Glider Saved by a Numerical Ocean Model, Sergio DeRada, Bradley Penta, S. Anderson, Chad Lembke, David English, C. Hu, Tracey Sutton, and April Cook


Anatomy and Physiology Breakout Session / Focus Group, Santanu De


Navigating Healthcare Science Student Learning and Engagement Through Implementation of a Virtual Classroom, Santanu De and Gesulla Cavanaugh

Consideration of Midwater Ecosystems is Required to Fully Evaluate the Environmental Risks of Deep-Sea Mining, Jeffrey C. Drazen, Craig R. Smith, Kristina Gjerde, Steven H. D. Haddock, Glenn S. Carter, Malcolm R. Clark, Anela Choy, Pierre Dutrieux, Erica Goetze, Chris Hauton, Mariko Hatta, J. Anthony Koslow, Astrid Brigitta Leitner, Aude Pacini, Thomas Peacock, Jessica Nicole Perelman, Tracey Sutton, Les Watling, and Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Multi-Tissue Analysis of Heavy Metals in Harbor Seals and Steller Sea Lions, Larry Duffy, Pilar M. Ferdinando, and Dimitri Giarikos

Journey Into Midnight: Faunal Composition and Vertical Distribution of Whalefishes and Their Allies in the Bathypelagic Gulf of Mexico, R. M. Eckley, J. R. Paxton, and Tracey Sutton

Temporal Changes in the Micronektonic Crustacean Assemblage in the Gulf of Mexico Since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Tamara Frank, Rosanna Milligan, Charles Douglas Fine, Eric A. Burdett, D. Nichols, Nathan A. LaSpina, April Cook, and Tracey Sutton

Microbiomes of a Corallivore (Hermodice carunculata): Where in the Worm are the Coral Microbes?, Candace J. Grimes, J. LaBonte, Jose Lopez, and A. Schulze

Attraction-Repulsion Taxis Mechanisms in a Predator-Prey Model, Evan Haskell and Jonathan Bell


Development of "Sharkavir": A Hypothetical Inhibitor for HIV-1 Protease, Matthew Hunt, Feza Abbas, Lyla Abbas, Mina Ghali, Helana Ghali, Alesa Chabbra, Emily Schmitt Lavin, and Arthur Sikora


Design of research-based assessment strategies for a biochemistry CURE using published learning outcomes, Brian Kim, Owayne Haughton, Rohan Muchintala, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

Design of Research-Based Assessment Strategies for a Biochemistry Cure Using Published Learning Outcomes, Brian Kim, Owayne Haughton, Rohan Muchintala, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

Novel Assessment Strategies for Biochemistry Courses Using the Research-Based Biochemistry Authentic Student Inquiry Lab (BASIL) Model, Brian Kim, Rohan Muchintala, Owayne Haughton, Santanu De, and Arthur Sikora

Crinoid Tube Feet, Charles Messing

To Stay or Go? Understanding the Behavioural Drivers of Diel Vertical Migration in Deep-Living Fishes, Rosanna Milligan and Tracey Sutton

Inviting Learners to the DEEPEND: A Team Approach to Successful Outreach and Education, R. Musgrave, Heather Judkins, April Cook, Dante Fenolio, Tamara Frank, M. Myers, Nina Pruzinsky, and Tracey Sutton

SCTLD Intervention, Karen L. Neely

Pelagic Habitat Partitioning of Late-Larval and Juvenile Tuna in the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, Nina Pruzinsky, Rosanna Milligan, and Tracey Sutton

Pelagic Habitat Partitioning of Late-Larval and Juvenile Tunas in the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, Nina Pruzinsky, Rosanna Milligan, and Tracey Sutton

Building a Better Response Plan: Understanding Potential Spill Impacts on Coral Reefs, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar

Corals, TROPICS, and Oil Impacts on Corals, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar

Factors Influencing the Trophic Structure of Deep-Pelagic Micronekton Assemblages in the Gulf of Mexico, Travis Richards, Tracey Sutton, and R. J. David Wells

Assembling the Benthic Record of Species and Community Change for the Gulf of Mexico Following the Deepwater Horizon Event, Patrick T. Schwing, Joshua Kilborn, Paul A. Montagna, Christy Paris, R. Faillettaz, S. Joye, W. Overholt, G. Brooks, R. Larson, I. Romero, D. Hollander, S. Murawski, Tracey Sutton, and W. Patterson


Moving Online in a Hurry vs Online Education Done Right, Judith Slapak-Barski

On the Age and Growth of Meso-Bathypelagic Fishes, with Case Studies of Omosudis lowii, Stomias affinis and Lampanyctus lineatus from the Gulf of Mexico, Natalie Slayden and Tracey Sutton

On the Age and Growth of Mesopelagic Fishes, With Case Studies of Four Ecologically Important Species From the Gulf of Mexico, Natalie Slayden and Tracey Sutton

Air-sea Interface Exchanges in Rapidly Intensifying Tropical Cyclones, Alexander Soloviev, Breanna L. Vanderplow, and Roger Lukas

A Summary of Post-Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Open-Ocean Faunal Population Dynamics: Vulnerability, Resilience, Data Gaps, and Management Implications, Tracey Sutton, Rosanna Milligan, April Cook, Tamara Frank, J. Moore, S. Murawski, M. Vecchione, and M. Youngbluth

The Deep-Pelagic Realm as a ‘Biological Desert’?... Hardly. a Case Study of a Highly Speciose Meso/Bathypelagic Ecoregion, the Gulf of Mexico, Tracey Sutton, John Moore, April Cook, Andrea Bernard, Ron Eytan, Max Weber, and Mahmood Shivji

Analysis of Organic Pollutants in Gulf of Mexico Gelatinous Zooplankton, O. Traenkle, I. Romero, M. Youngbluth, April Cook, and Tracey Sutton

A Comparison of Two Ecosystem Models of the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, Matthew Woodstock, Bin Wang, Katja Fennel, Tracey Sutton, and Yuying Zhang

Submissions from 2019

Age and Growth of Three Coastal Pelagic Tuna Species in the Florida Straits, J. L. Adams and David Kerstetter


Options for Improving dFAD Recovery and Accountability to Minimize Marine Coastal Habitat Damage and Marine Litter, Adam Baske, M. Shiham Adam, and David W. Kerstetter

Effect Sizes, Affect Words, and the Value of Parasites as Bioindicators, Christopher A. Blanar

Playing Through the Parasite: Is Toxoplasma gondii Affecting Your Athletic Performance?, Christopher Blanar, Jonathan B. Banks, and Eben Gering

Parasites of Raptorial Birds of South Florida, Vanessa R. Blanchard, David Kerstetter, and Christopher A. Blanar

Parasites of Raptorial Birds of South Florida, Vanessa R. Blanchard, David W. Kerstetter, and Christopher A. Blanar

The Extreme Points of Certain Polytopes, Richard Brualdi and Lei Cao

Hankel Tournament and Special Oriented Graphs, Lei Cao and Richard Brualdi

Analysis of a Dengue Model with Vertical Transmission and Application to the 2014 Dengue Outbreak in Guangdong Province, China, Jing Chen

Modelling and Analysis of a Nonlinear Age-structured Model for Tumor Cell Populations with Quiescence, Jing Chen

Biogeochemistry, Tyler Cyronak

The potential of socio-biologically relevant mobile apps to attract girls to STEM, Santanu De Ph.D. and Vanaja Nethi

New Insights into Turkey Domestication in the Mimbres Valley using Mitochondrial DNA Analysis, Sean G. Dolan and Andrew T. Ozga

Climate-Driven Changes in Patterns of Larval Dispersal and Connectivity of Spawning Corals Can Be Predicted Based on Egg Size, Joana Figueiredo

Marine Larval Ecology and Recruitment, Joana Figueiredo

Optimizing Growth-Out of Newly Settled Sexually-Produced Corals in Land-Based Nurseries, Joana Figueiredo, S. King, Paul D. Kreh, and Nicholas J. McMahon

Polyamine Compounds Targeting the Efflux Pumps of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Pathogens and Methods of Using the Same, Renee Fleeman, Radleigh Santos, Marcello Angelo Giulianotti, and Lindsey Shaw

Teaching Statistics through Elections: How Local Events Bring Classroom Topics to Life, Jason Gershman

CD4+ T Cell Antigen Discovery in Sarcoidosis, Sarah A. Greaves, Angela Mitchell, Michael Falta, Radleigh Santos, Clemencia Pinilla, and Andrew P. Fontenot

Nonconstant Positive Steady States and Pattern Formation of a Two Competing Species with Common Predator Model Incorporating Prey-Taxis, Evan Haskell and Jonathan Bell

Abiotic Stressors Expose Peruvian Fur Seal Parental Care, Amy Hirons, Mickie Edwards, Michael Adkesson, and Susana Cardenas-Alayza

Fish Personality Variation Affects Migration and Dispersal in the Dynamic Wetlands of the Everglades, J. Matthew Hoch, Stacey Spadafore, and A. Cabanelas

Ecological Insights for Freshwater Birds from Endoparasite Community Analysis, Emily T. Hoeflich, Christopher Blanar, and David Kerstetter

3-Way Shoe Test, Mark Jaffe

Patterns of Foraging on Dead Birds in a Coastal Mangrove Environment, L. John and David Kerstetter

Distribution and Composition of Fish Aggregating Devices as Marine Debris, Erin Kimak, David Kerstetter, and Thomas D. Pitchford

Sub-defect of Product of Doubly Substochastic Matrices, Selcuk Koyuncu and Lei Cao

Do Markers of Verbal Confidence Correlate with Effect Size in Studies of Pollution Bioindicators?, B. Law and Christopher A. Blanar

Introducing Experiential Science and Math Activities to At-Risk Girls: The E-STEAM Project, Rose Llanos-Almeida, M. McDermott, R. Sims, Molly J. Scanlon, S. Hicks, Maria Ballester, Tennille Davis Shuster, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno, Melissa L. Dore, R. Anderson, S. Fabius, and J. Torruellas Garcia

Characterizing Marine Biodiversity through the Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA), Jose V. Lopez

A Metabolic View of Growth, Bleaching & Disease Using Temperature-Based Metabolic Budget Models of the Threatened Elkhorn Coral, Acropora cervicornis, Harmony Martell, Elizabeth Goergen, and David S. Gillaim

Deep-Sea Fishes as Agents of Connectivity, Rosanna Milligan

Diving into the Deep: Understanding the Largest Ecosystem on Earth, Rosanna Milligan

A Synthesis of Lanternfish Ecology in the Gulf of Mexico, Rosanna Milligan and Tracey Sutton

Rate of Orthophosphate Uptake by Periphyton in the Everglades, Kiersten Monahan and J. Matthew Hoch

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (Stenella frontalis) and Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Nearshore Habitat Utilization, Bimini, the Bahamas, Skylar Muller, Kelly Melillo-Sweeting, Kathleen Dudzinski, and Amy Hirons

Vulnerability and Resilience of Species and Ecosystems to Large-Scale Contamination Events: Lessons Learned from Deepwater Horizon, S. Murawski, William Frank Patterson, Patrick T. Schwing, Paul A. Montagna, Rosanna Milligan, Tracey Sutton, Joshua Kilborn, and Sherryl Gilbert

Heavy Metal Biosorption Ability of Neochloris Algae, Nikhil Nagabandi, J. Gaffney, J. S. Brown, and Dimitri Giarikos

Coral Disease Interventions, Karen L. Neely

Coral Disease Interventions, Karen L. Neely

Cradle to Grave: Active Responses to Florida's Coral Crisis, Karen L. Neely

Treatment of Coral Diseases: Historical Perspectives, Modern Efforts, and Future Directions, Karen L. Neely and Cindy Lewis

Breeding Baby Unicorns: Assisted Reproduction of Pillar Coral in Florida, Karen L. Neely, Cindy Lewis, Andie Chan, and Iliana B. Baums

Games Bacteria Play: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Game Theory, Louis R. Nemzer

Seizure Prediction with Machine Learning using Real and Simulated Electrocorticography Data, Louis R. Nemzer, Robert Worth, Gary D. Cravens, Victor Castro, Andon Placzek, and Kristina Bolt

A Moving Landscape of Genomics for Conservation - Land and Sea, Stephen James O'Brien

Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Human Breast Cancer Spheroids, E. Ognjanovski, C. E. Chini, H. M. Robison, Troy J. Comi, S. W. Ryu, L. Li, and Richard H. Perry


Adventures in Museuomics: The Use of Next Generation Sequencing to Uncover Great Ape Host and Microbial Genomes, Andrew T. Ozga and Anne C. Stone


Recent History of Gombe Chimpanzees through Ancient DNA Analysis, Andrew T. Ozga, Timothy H. Webster, Ian C. Gilby, Rebecca Nockerts, Michael A. Wilson, Anne Pusey, and Anne C. Stone

Faunal Composition and Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Tuna (Family: Scombridae; Tribe: Thunnini) Early Life Stages in the Oceanic Gulf of Mexico, Nina Pruzinsky, Rosanna Milligan, and Tracey Sutton

Environmental Contaminant Impacts on Coral Reefs: Developing Tools for Evidence-Based Decision-Making, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar

NSU and Global Change, Bernhard Riegl

Results of Digital Courseware Project Using Learning Catalytics and Technology, Eric Michael Samansky and Jason Gershman


Biogeographic Study of Human Gut Associated crAssphage Suggests Impacts from Industrialization and Recent Expansion, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, Tanvi P. Honap, Stephanie L. Schnorr, Andrew T. Ozga, Christina Warinner, and Cecil Lewis Jr.

Ectosymbiotic Microbiomes of Parasitic Nematodes (Ozolaimus megatyphon) and Their Iguana Hosts, J. Santis, David Kerstetter, and Christopher A. Blanar

Ectosymbiotic Microbiomes of Parasitic Nematodes (Ozolaimus megatyphon) and Their Iguana Hosts, J. Santis, David Kerstetter, and Christopher A. Blanar

Photoactivation Investigation of the Mesotetra(N-methyl-2-pyridyl) and Meso-tetra(Nmethyl- 3-pyridyl) Porphyrins Under Different Light Intensities, Lulio Sanz, Maria Ballester, Victor Castro, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr., and Kiran Chamarti

Photo Activation Study of Three Isomers of N-pyridyl Mesosubstituted Porphyrin, Lulio Sanz, Kiran Chamarti, Maria Ballester, Victor Castro, and Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr.

Sharks: Genetics, Genomics and Journeys, Mahmood S. Shivji

Using Subsistence-Harvested Bowhead Whale Baleen as a Multi-Decadal Contaminant Recorder, Samantha Shore, Amy Hirons, Dimitri Giarikos, and L. K. Duffy

Histology of Gonad Tissue in a Sequential Hermaphrodite Fish, Qaas Shoukat and Christopher A. Blanar

Histology of Gonad Tissue in a Sequential Hermaphrodite Fish, Qaas Shoukat and Christopher A. Blanar

Deep-Ocean Stewardship in a Changing Ocean, Tracey Sutton

Systems Approach to Differential Coral Bleaching: Synthesis of Tools to Examine Phylogeny-Informed Emergent Properties and Hypothesis in Symbiotic Networks, Timothy D. Swain

How the Molecular Vibrations of Water May Prevent Skin Cancer, Brian L. Van Hoozen Jr.

Comparing Efficiencies of Organometallic Coupling Reactions to Create 2,2’-Bipyridine Adducts, S. Vazquez, K. Wilkinson, and Beatrix Aukszi

Isotherm Studies of Equilibrium Sorption of Pb+2, Zn+2, Ni+2, Cd+2, Cu+2, v+2 Unto Modified Composition Algae, D. Vo, A. Castillo, Reza Razeghifard, J. S. Brown, and Dimitri Giarikos