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Qualitative Meta-Studies: Maximizing the Impact of Qualitative Inquiry

Event Name

The Qualitative Report Seventh Annual Conference

Event Location

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

Document Type

Panel Discussion

Presentation Date


Date Range:

2016-01-14 to 2016-01-16


Increasing reach, accessibility, and perceived value of reported findings enhances the future of qualitative research. Qualitative meta studies offer one potential path that leads to greater understanding, appreciation, and utilization of qualitative findings. Additionally, the processes of extraction and integration of findings required to produce meta studies might improve the ability of both novice and more experienced qualitative researchers to critically assess qualitative research reports. In this panel discussion, we will consider the process of conducting and presenting qualitative meta studies as visualized by multiple authors, and provide opportunities for participants to practice identification and extraction of findings from published research. Our content areas of particular focus include health promotion, mediation, and cross-cultural dialogue. We will also describe the potential roles of meta studies in research education from the viewpoint of both students and instructors, and conclude this panel discussion by considering both the advantages and risks of compressing and quantitizing qualitative data.