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LearnServe Paraguay: Partnerships that Succeed for Teaching Global Citizenship

Event Name

Alliance for International Education Conference

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Shanghai, China


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

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Conference Presentation

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Recently a working model of global educational partnerships, LearnServe Paraguay, has connected students and teachers in the United States and Paraguay. The objective is not merely cultural exchange or enrichment but rather the establishment of a lasting partnership.

LearnServe Paraguay emphasizes development through genuine partnerships, as well as experiential curriculum which instills the values of global citizenship and strengthens leadership skills. Global citizens are informed and culturally sensitive. They identify with and are actively involved in working towards a world community based on equity and justice. These criteria can guide peace educators in designing curriculum such as LSP.

LSP is an effective model of teachers and students addressing critical global issues of injustice and poverty in a manner that is authentic and sustainable. Students and teachers from both partner nations are coordinating with local development experts to strengthen community development projects. These include local entrepreneurship initiatives, citizenship education, technology development, literacy programs and health education.

This presentation will explore, through active dialogue, the theoretical basis for, and concrete practices of, this successful model which is centered on the criteria above. It will also invite participants to debate and conceptualize concrete criteria and specific learning experiences which can best develop global citizenship in learners.

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