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The Roles, Functions, Standards and Added Value of the Organizational Ombuds. Creating the Role in the Government, Higher Education, and Private Sectors- Opportunities for Conflict Management Professionals

Event Name

Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference

Event Location

Tucson, Arizona


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

Document Type

Conference Presentation

Presentation Date


Date Range:

2019-09-18 to 2019-09-21


Organizations throughout government, higher education, and the private sector are increasingly hiring conflict management specialists to perform organizational ombuds duties including conflict coaching, facilitation, mediation, training, and systemic reviews. This session will highlight the ombuds roles, functions, standards of practice, and how the ombuds’ value is tracked. Drawing on ombuds interviews and direct data from multi-year research into the federal government and higher education, this interactive session explores making a case for the value of conflict resolution specialists, and the future of these positions while recognizing and promoting the ombuds as a critical resource for healthy and productive workplaces.

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