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Residential Proximity to Electronic Dance Music Nightclubs and Associations With Substance Use, Sexual Behaviors, and Related Problems

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10th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues


Department of Justice and Human Services

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Club Health Dublin marks 20 years of Club Health conferences which have been hosted across the world since the first ever conference was held in Liverpool in 1997. This conference aims to explore the opportunities and potential that the nightlife context provides to promote a safe, thriving, welcoming, inclusive night time setting for the many visitors to cities and towns and those that live, work and study in the same locations. A lively and diverse nightlife, which attracts tourists and locals and supports jobs, businesses and the night time economy is a key feature of what many cities are aiming to provide and support. Ensuring that this is sustainable, respects residents and avoids potential harms is a key challenge in Dublin, as in many other cities and locations around the globe.

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