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Learning 9/11 in an Age of Terror: Meta-Narratives, Local Impact

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3rd International Symposium on Teaching about Extremism, Terror and Trauma: Radicalization – Creating learning resources for teaching about extremism, terror and trauma (CLEAR)

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Montreal, Canada


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

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This presentation will engage urgent questions for today’s classrooms. Building on my prior study of how teachers are teaching about 9/11, this presentation offers preliminary data on how students, and especially Muslim American students, are experiencing public schools and learning about 9/11 in the post-9/11 era. The election of 2016 of course made this even more urgent. I will share my preliminary data, and contextualize the data in the context of my research agenda which focuses on the role of historical memory in conflicts and narratives involving traumatized memory drive conflict as it is essential that peace educators consider it in working to interrupt extremism in the classroom. Finally, I conclude the presentation with observations based on data and classroom experience as to mistakes we peace educators seem to continue making and how to avoid them.