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Extreme Curriculum: Experiential Peace Building Curriculum in Morocco

Event Name

International Studies Association Conference

Event Location

San Francisco, California, USA


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

Document Type

Conference Presentation

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A panel exploring experiential learning approaches in the classroom, field research, & practice. This panel will focus on multiple approaches to experiential learning through pedagogical creativity that impacts work done in the classroom as well as in field research or practice. The panel agenda begins a brief introduction of various pedagogical approaches to experiential learning, both in theory and in practice, presented by the panelists. Following this, the attendees will break out into smaller groups each facilitated by one of the panelists, with the goal of developing additional pedagogical possibilities (theoretically and practically) for experiential learning that would enhance attendees’ teaching and mentoring. The small groups will focus on aspects presented by the panelists and attendees are encouraged to move from group to group as their interests dictate – a form of open space technology – to allow for maximum engagement and benefit. The conclusion of the panel session will bring attendees together to discuss what has been developed and to explore next steps and implementation.

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