Submission Title


Artist Statement

In my painting titled "Enlightenment", I aim to capture the journey towards self-awareness and self-growth, which is often chaotic and filled with struggles.

The painting portrays the internal turmoil that we experience during this journey through a spectrum of colors. Each color represents a different phase of the journey, and the chaos and struggle are evident in the mixture of colors. However, as the journey progresses, the colors gradually shift towards a serene blue and blue hues, representing the final phase of enlightenment. This transformation is depicted in a pair of eyes that reflect a sense of clarity and understanding.

For me, "The Teacher" in my life has been my personal journey towards self-awareness and self-improvement. This journey has not been easy, and there have been times when I have felt lost and uncertain. However, as I have learned to embrace the chaos and see it as a necessary step towards achieving enlightenment, I have experienced a sense of peace and clarity that I never thought was possible.

About the Artist

Chaimae Oualid is a Moroccan-American artist and medical student who is currently based in South Florida. Born and raised in Morocco, Chaimae spent her early years exploring the vibrant culture of her homeland. Her passion for art was evident from a young age, as she would spend hours sketching and painting scenes from her daily life. As she grew older, Chaimae developed a fascination with electronic music, particularly the melodic variety. She found that painting to the rhythm of the music helped her to unwind from the demands of her studies, and provided a creative outlet for her innermost thoughts and emotions. Chaimae's art is heavily influenced by her multicultural background. She draws on both her Moroccan heritage and American lifestyle to create unique pieces that merge identities and social context in contemporary time. Her art highlights differences and similarities in perceptions of various human behaviors by different cultures, showcasing the beauty and complexity of diversity. In her work, Chaimae explores the ways in which people interact with one another, and how these interactions are shaped by culture and tradition. She is greatly inspired by her entourage as well as her personal experiences, which provide her with a deep well of ideas and feelings to draw from. Despite the demands of medical school, Chaimae continues to pursue her passion for art. She sees it as a vital part of her life, allowing her to express herself and connect with others in meaningful ways. Her paintings are a reflection of her unique perspective on the world, and a celebration of the richness of diversity. Chaimae's ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire viewers to appreciate and embrace the differences that make us all unique.