Artist Statement

Nobody is born with the knowledge they have today; everything is learned as one lives their life. Teaching can take many forms and come from all types of people. Parents are generally the first teachers a child encounters from the first day of their lives. There is no one correct way of parenting, but there is a common desire to provide the best possible upbringing for one's child.

As I live my life, I find myself expressing the lessons I have learned and utilizing the knowledge I acquired from the people who have taught me. My personality often reflects the influence of my parents and other figures who have guided me along my journey. Through this writing, I hope to inspire others to reflect on their own teachers in life and to never stop learning.

About the Artist

Jake Darbhanga is a medical student with NSU KPCOM class of 2024. He has lived in a variety of places along the east coast of North America stretching from Montreal, Canada to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His hobbies outside of medicine include building and racing cars, home renovation, weight lifting, calisthenics, MMA, going to the beach, playing the piano, and cooking. He loves spreading methods of living a healthy and happy lifestyle with all he encounters.