Submission Title

On Conflict

Artist Statement


In the past, I’ve always been one to avoid conflict. Conflict always had a negative connotation in my mind. I did whatever I could to avoid it. Because of my aversion to conflict, I have had to compromise my time and my efforts in numerous situations. I’ve held my tongue to prevent problems; but sometimes, this would lead to even more. This has affected me all my life, whether its a friend who said something I wasn’t fond of or a waitress that messed up my order, I almost never said anything simply to avoid conflict. Last year, I decided this would come to an end. I promised myself that I would speak up for myself and use conflict as a positive outlet to better the situation around me. Embracing conflict instead of running from it has changed my life forever.

In my opinion, I believe that conflict can be a positive word. The key is to remain calm, respectful, and to listen. I’ve learned that if both parties do those three things, conflict can truly be used to solve problems instead of causing them. Through this process, I saw my confidence build and my voice get stronger. It made me happier to know that if I had an issue, I could definitely solve it. For example, I have used conflict many times in medicine to empathize with patients and to understand where they are coming from, instead of just dismissing their beliefs. This has helped me connect with patients and to really get to know them on a more personal level. Although this has come with many disagreements, in the end, boundaries and lines are not crossed and mutual respect is maintained.

About the Artist

My name is Brenden Huynh and I am a third-year medical student at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am currently an ensign in the United States Navy under the Health Professions Scholarship Program and I am interested in psychiatry. I am life-long Brooklyn/NJ Nets fan and love spending time with my dog Azula.