Submission Title

I Think I See It Now

Artist Statement

Clean lines. Hot tea. Triangles. Am I missing anything? Be balanced! Do some yoga, make a checklist; you need balance right? Maybe, but no thanks, not right now.

Turning off some alarms. A bad movie with great friends. A long walk with no destination.....now we're talking. Balance is messy, it's what you need to feel whole again when life picks us apart.

Tug of war with my dog, Tennessee hot chicken sandwiches, I think I see it now--the balance that is.

So please, let's put on some loose pants and find reasons to laugh, and yes I suppose some yoga and hot tea could help as well.

About the Artist

I am first year Osteopathic Medical student at NSU-KPCOM. When I'm not learning the intricacies of the human body, I drink coffee and take my corgi for walks. I love to paint as well. Abstraction has always interested me due to its ability to invoke different emotions depending on the viewer. I hope that those who see my art can feel a sense of joy, or maybe some melancholy depending on what they need.

Art and Medicine is Batman and Robin; it's vanilla ice cream and apple pie. You can have one without the other sure, but together they are something awfully special.