Artist Statement

The Asymmetrical Balance of Medicine is a visual representation of my life as a medical student. Asymmetrical balance in art is defined as a design that has different visuals on each side, but each side holds equal visual weight (e.g. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh).

Although the journey to practicing medicine is a long-term commitment that requires many sacrifices, making time for my loved ones and hobbies has kept me grounded both in and out of school. This balance will continue to be important as a physician. I believe that a capable physician can integrate their academic knowledge and life experiences to provide quality medical and humanistic care for their patients.

My progress towards this goal is represented as an incomplete puzzle with no borders. I aspire to continue adding pieces to the puzzle, recognizing that the path to becoming a better physician never truly ends. I will always continue to learn and grow in how to better care for my patients.

About the Artist

Tabitha Xia-Zhu is a third-year osteopathic medical student at the Fort Lauderdale campus of NSU-KPCOM. She received her BS from the University of Florida and her MPH from Columbia University. She is interested in serving the underserved and has been involved in multiple local and international mission projects. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, cooking, and drawing.