Submission Title

Medicine in Spirituality

Artist Statement

Modern day medicine places a major emphasis on appreciating spirituality. A patient’s cultural and religious beliefs are integral when practicing medicine in order to provide the most humanistic care possible to patients. This photograph comes to show the exact opposite, medicine in spirituality. Medicine is an integral part of a medical professional's life and it serves as a major defining characteristic of an individual. Though viewed as objective and subjective, medicine and spirituality are all one.

About the Artist

About the photographer: Ashesh Soni is a sophomore student at Nova Southeastern University. At his sister’s wedding on Martin Luther King Weekend 2020, he captured the image of the bride’s (his sister) arms decorated with a traditional paste known as Henna. The weekend was a special and exciting time for Ashesh and his family since his oldest sister was getting married.

About the artist: Krunal Patel is a third-year medical student at NSU KPCOM. Understanding that spirituality is a major focus in medical education, he wrote this to demonstrate that medicine is more than just a career to students and physicians. Medicine is an art, medicine is a gift, and medicine is a part of who we are.