Submission Title

On Top of the World

Artist Statement

Elias Makhoul felt like he was on top of the world at his medical school’s white coat ceremony, where he was dressed in his white coat for the first time. His fellow classmates and he officially became recognized for becoming student physicians. More than that, it was also a call for celebration, as each of them has endured hardships and overcame numerous obstacles to be there that day. He took the MCAT three times, applied in two application cycles, and was rejected by over 60 schools. Now, he is studying in his second year at NSU-KPCOM. His white coat ceremony was incredibly important to him. While the ceremony happened over a year ago, he still experiences those same feelings when he put on his white coat today as it reminds him of the accomplishments they’ve achieved and the reasons they continue to celebrate.

About the Artist

Elias Makhoul is a second-year osteopathic medical student at NSU-KPCOM. He enjoys drawing in his free time. Currently, he is working on creating cartoon versions of himself depicting his experiences throughout medical school and beyond!