Submission Title

In the Death of a Phoenix

Artist Statement

The "male form" classically elicits thoughts of certain characteristics, including strength, security, power, all of which lie deep within a hardened outer shell. But on closer inspection there is something much more primal to the nature of a "man". Man tends to fall short of their female counterparts when it comes to understanding and verbalizing their emotions. Thus they are faced with strange tumultuous insecurities, fears, judgements, and expectations, with no way to express the struggles they may face within themselves. Man has many stories to tell, but lacks the language to begin speaking. This poem is the closest I came to finding words for these primal emotions.

About the Artist

I am currently a 3rd year Osteopathic Medical Student at NSU-COM, hoping to one day become a Trauma Surgeon. In my undergraduate university I majored in Vocal Performance, where I focused mostly on French and Italian arias and classical opera's. I've always loved to write, although I have never published one for my peers to view. While it may seem that the arts of music and poetry are in stark contrast to the science of Medicine, they are more alike than you may think.