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My Rescue In A Dark World

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My Rescue In A Dark World


By Barbara Diana Gilbert

It is with Pride, Honor and Dignity that I salute you. You Gallant Man – Strong Man - Man of High Esteem. You seemed to have been placed strategically in my life at every turn – teaching, molding and preparing me for what was to be my assignment in this life. The roads were long and weary. There was danger on every side but I kept reaching for your guiding hand. You never let me fall; you constantly reached out for me – making sure that I kept my stance. It seems almost like Divine Intervention that you positioned me on the learning end. You seemed destined to tutor me – determined to teach me the ropes in a world where my own earthly father failed me. I was humbled to be your student. I know my earthly father is looking down from heaven with pride and admiration. I realized so many years later how much I missed his love, his teaching and his understanding to shape me into the woman I am today, however, you did it. I can never repay you; I can never thank you enough. Now I must take the baton and move forward blessing others in my wake – telling them that they can do it; they can stand strong against all odds - that the sky is the limit for there is beauty and grace because there is life and hope.

From the depths of Barbara Diana Gilbert Spoken Word Poet, Author of Spiritual Journey Of A Child

About the Artist

Barbara Diana Gilbert: poet, writer, author, publisher, activist, radio personality, mentor, volunteer.

Made debut as a spoken word poet in Concert, in the Summer of 2005, at the African American Research Library in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Fall of 2005, appeared as a guest of Mystik radio's host, Renford Williams in South Florida. The show was entitled, "Slice of the Islands and Beyond”. Discussion included overall experience as a young woman growing up in home country.

Published author of the book, “Spiritual Journey Of A Child”, (a young woman’s struggle through the darkest regions of her life) published on November 19, 2009, by I-Universe. Published in poetry/prose.