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Artist Statement

Life extends beyond the boundaries we perceive, and it is through our actions that we are able to either explore or hide from our universal purpose. After completing gross anatomy lab, I learned that while the human body is complex and most impressive, human action is significantly greater. A cadaver can not walk away from a table, it can not speak a word, it was almost void of all purpose. Except that it is not. Because a decision was made to become a medical cadaver, this action created a dramatic impact on the lives of many medical students. An act of kindness with observable effects that extend beyond a person's life span. The cadaver experience taught me to take advantage of the physical tools provided to me, that being the body and mind, so that I may cultivate a greater spirit. Life extends beyond the boundaries we perceive, we are more than the body we reside within.

About the Artist

Christopher Larrimore is a second year medical student. He earned his M.S. at Johns Hopkins University and his B.S. at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He completed a NIH/JHU Research Fellowship and has recently been awarded the NSU Research Fellowship.