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Artist Statement

What inspired me to work on the female form was the belief that our minds can create our reality. Most of my life I had suffered from morbid obesity - reaching at one point 288 lbs. Most likely my body weight reached higher numbers, but I refused to step on the scale after observing the dreaded 288! I was suffering from low self esteem, depression, severe low back pain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and several other "itis" when I realized that the most powerful tool that I had available was my brain. If I was going to turn my life around, I had to learn how to master my body and re-create myself. I needed a visual image of how my new body was going to be and while imagining it gave me a good idea, creating it on canvas helped me to send out a message to the Universe.

The second painting, Sibyl, followed on the same lines [as first painting, The Bather], but emphasized my passion for learning. My Sibyl has well-defined muscles (female form and power), but is more feminine than Michelangelo's. She is focused on developing her knowledge and she is aware of her strength and beauty.

About the Artist

Paula Waziry is a trained Pharmacologist who is fascinated with the immune system, cancer development, pathogens interactions with hosts, nucleocytoplasmic transport and development of innovative therapies. Her research philosophy encompasses an integrated approach that takes in consideration the wellbeing of the person, rather than concentrating on specific diseases or organ systems.