Submission Title

Rest, My Dear

Artist Statement

This is a painting of one of my best friends, Heba. It is from a night when a couple of us were hanging out at my house in high school. Heba was resting on my bed while we were talking and she was caught totally unaware when the picture was taken. She is Muslim (we both are) and Egyptian. Her religion is very important to her, as you can see by the fact she is wearing her hijab. She was so beautiful that I had to paint her. Though she is completely covered, the pictures shows her in a state of such ease and relays a sense of unguardedness that is hard to capture. These factors contribute to her radiating beauty.

About the Artist

Seher Chowhan is a second year medical student.

I'm originally from Indiana, and I went to college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Art has been a constant passion in my life, starting from the moment I discovered I could draw what I see (I was in 3rd grade, and if it weren't for my uncle who backed me up, my family would STILL think I traced Bugs Bunny). The rest is history; I've been drawing and painting ever since!