Staff Publications

Making it work: Creating a student-friendly repository for instructional library videos.

Jamie Segno, Nova Southeastern University
Michelle Keba, Nova Southeastern University
Michael Schofield, Nova Southeastern University


This case study investigates how a team of librarians at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) worked together to assess and optimize their library’s current instructional videos in order to create a mobile-first video hosting platform, known as LibraryLearn. Instructional library videos serve as invaluable resources for students who are not present to partake in synchronous library training. However, once a library has produced a substantial number of videos, the need to organize and routinely update these videos can become a rather daunting challenge, especially when facing obstacles such as loss of original video files, decentralized access points, and viewing incompatibilities among different browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. In order to enhance user experience and maximize productivity, the development of the LibraryLearn video platform helps to overcome issues regarding usability, accessibility, and incompatibility in order to provide students with “on demand” library instruction.